Naya Akanji & Phlow Discuss Their Individual Projects On (PGM RADIO)

On this special episode of The PGM Radio Show, we had two very gifted female acts on the show.

We had the hard-hitting lyricist; Phlow and the delectable Naya Akanji on set.

Phlow who has graced several hip hop platforms and has released numerous bodies of work spoke to us about her experience working with Alpha Ojini on the Marmalade project. , she also talked about remaining relevant in a male-dominated music genre and shared some insightful tips on weathering distractions and her plans for the future.

Naya Akanji, the super talented singer, whose voice has been described as a ‘powerful mezzo-soprano’ joined us to discuss her journey through music, early influences, and plans for the future. The singer also shared some very important advice that has helped her on her ongoing journey to stardom. She’s definitely one to watch out for.

Listen to the podcast to get the complete gist.

Stream Phlow’s Marmalade projects here and Naya Akanji’s Vivid Emotions here.

From all of us at The PGM Club, we urge you to maintain social distancing, wear face masks, and wash your hands. Together, we will defeat this raging pandemic.


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