Nasty C Is Enjoying His Life Of Excess On ‘Eazy’

Still on the road to his much-teased third studio album “Zulu Man With Some Power“, Nasty C has released his third single of the coming LP, titled ‘Eazy‘. This new single comes right after he and American rapper T.I lent their voices to the growing uprising against violence and injustice across the world with ‘They Don’t’.

Nasty C is blessed and he knows it. Over this new mid-tempo trap tune with its signature rolling hi-hats and thumping bass coated with tingling bells, Nasty C reminds us of the allures of his life as a superstar. With his amiable vocals and polished flows, he paints a vivid picture of what it means to be Nasty C. What it means to be one of Africa’s proudest sons, headlining the penetration of African hip-hop to the global music space.

Celebrity life can be so demanding. Many naively dash into the spotlight only to wince at its blinding brightness, realising that the responsibility and security that comes with their long-sought fame isn’t what they really prepared for. But not Nasty C.

On ‘Eazy‘, the Def Jam Africa frontman embraces it like a long lost lover. When he raps “it’s a lot of bad things here, I’m right where I should be / every blessing that I prayed for fell right down onto me,” you recall that he’s living the life most people only ever dream of. He’s living a life of luxury and excess, and he’s enjoying every bit of it.

Enjoy this record above.

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