Muyiwa Akhigbe Longs For His Lover In ‘Don’t Stop’ With BankyOnDBeatz

In our last chat, Muyiwa Akhige revealed that his string of releases with BankOnDBeatz wasn’t just building up to a project, but something much bigger. “This is building up to so many things if I’m being honest. As I said, art is a journey and you just have to keep going through it, experiencing it. Whatever it throws at you, you just see it as a challenge or as a good thing and just keep going,” he says.

So in this case also, it is not only going to lead to a project. It’s going to lead to other projects and as long as we keep creating and as long as we keep staying true to what we are here for then the sky is the starting point.” The singer-producer pair had developed a sound they called the Afrofuturist sound the previous year and were ready to share their discovery with the world with the release of their EP, “Hard Guy”. Prior to that, we had gotten a brief and nuanced taste of the sound with songs like ‘Better’, ‘Outta My System’ and the Boom General-assisted ‘Hold You Down’, all of which did not make the project.

Now the EP has come and gone, but surprisingly Muyiwa and Banky are back, barely two months after with a new single ‘Don’t Stop’. This is a fresh upbeat tune that ushers the listener into yet another depth of their shapeshifting Afro-futurist sound. With ‘Don’t Stop’, Muiywa details the longing many of us currently feel in this lockdown that has separated some of us from our partners. “I cant wait to see you/ every minute I got you on my mind.” But luckily for Muyiwa, his woman isn’t so far away. There’s a plan to rendezvous tonight and just in case she needs some extra motivation, he promises her tonight is all for her. Not him, not anyone else. “I just want to make you feel alright tonight girl,” he sings.

Listen to this new single above.

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