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The Chase Ep Chase Music

Music management, Chase EP introduces new acts in it’s The Chase EP

Talent management company, Chase Music has released a new 7 track EP with new acts. Budding star, Jinmi Abdul, on the 20th of August 2020 put out a tweet requesting for talents he could provide assistance to;

Someone out there has so much talent but no means to record/get beats! I’m going to help that person this week but who?

This led to over 300 entries and after careful selection and consideration, three new artists;  Feline, King Amo and Mohalizer were the latest additions to Chase Music and the birth of The Chase EP.

The Chase EP contains 7 tracks all making solid declarations on matters of the heart. The first track Because of love by Mohalizer ft. Jinmi Abdul details the extent the artists have gone for their lovers. Praying for their partners, getting chased out of religious centers and many more. In Kosi, Jinmi Abdul exposes how his new girl blows him away . In Lemons, F3line advises her lover to be ok with the consequences of his actions. She advises him to add ‘shayo’ to the sour taste of his bad decisions when it gets hard. King Amo reveals to his listeners his fragile interior conveying his deep desire for intimacy and romance with the girl who has caught his fancy on Pon my Mind . Yawa by Mohalizer is a song for a hesitant crush who misses the opportunity to shoot their shot every single time. F3line doesn’t want to Go Back Home as she’s trying not to think about love for a night. Want you by King Amo ft. Jinmi Abdul is a song expressing passionate desire.

To listen to The Chase EP, click here

Production credits goes to Chase Music. The EP was mixed and mastered by Jinmi Abdul. Extra engineering credits to Optimum sounds.

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