Multi-music genre artiste and retro musician,Ibejii spins a tale of victory over oppression in “Gonto”

Multi-music genre artist and retro musician, Ibejii music spins a tale of victory over oppression in new song “Gonto”. Coming off his yet unannounced 5th project, Gonto recounts the victory of tiny masquerades in the face of a big selfish one who chose to suppress and stifle other voices. Gonto is Ibejii’s celebration of the ultimate victory of ordinary people over their oppressors.

Ibejii’s sound is a unique blend of African vibes and international sound.He explores traditional Yoruba folk, jazz, dance, RnB, juju among other genres to serenade his audience through the art of skilful storytelling embellished with folklore, metaphor and vernacular.

Born a twin in the UK, his music reflects that experience. His debuts “Green White Dope 001” and “Green White Dope 002” reflects this along with the themes of corruption and bad governance he speaks out against. On his influences, the singer comments;

Ibejii is influenced by all music styles. From Cuban music to Afro jazz to rock, pop and to bring it down to the contemporary dimension, a big influence is Fela. Others are Brymo, Asa and Marvin Gaye. Prince? I am a big lover of prince.


He has gone on to release more projects like Tribal Marks, Music Saved My Life (MSML) etc.

Click here to listen to Gonto.

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