Moss The Fireman gives us a glimpse of what’s to come in “Omen.”

Moss The Fireman’s musical journey started in 2009, but he started making music professionally in 2015 in the city of Ibadan. Since then, the artist has been releasing new music, clearly testing the waters and showcasing his rapping abilities and gathering listeners along the way and preparing them for what is to come. He said, “All along, I’ve been prepping my audience for this very moment, cause “OMEN” will usher in new LPs.” As a rapper, his primary genre of expression is hip-hop, but over the years Moss has crafted very unique sounds through the blending of genres. He describes his genre as mostly hip-hop and its fusions such as RnB, Drill, Trap, Afrobeats and so forth.

Born Mosadoluwa Akinjobi but known by hip-hop and music lovers as Moss The Fireman, for this artist making music is a longtime passion he discovered as far back as a decade ago through his brother. Citing inspiration from rappers like Eminem and Lil Wayne, and more contemporary rappers like Drake and J Cole. Moss The Fireman is a rapper who has asserted his talent in sub-genres of hip-hop such as Grime, Drill and Trap while also tapping into his singing skills to create timeless records.

This year, Moss is ready to rip off the band-aid and re-introduce himself to his fans with his latest project tagged “Omen.” A two-track project that features Nigerian rappers BarelyAnyHook and Vader The Wildcard. When asked about the inspiration behind the project he said, “The inspiration behind the EP mostly stems from a shift in my career that came from changing my name officially from “Moss” to “Moss The Fireman”. This change happened to dwell heavily within the need for my music persona to be more unique, something that was truly mine and I was known for. As someone who embraces change, the switch from my earlier name also meant I was abandoning my older catalogue and this transition would mean my definitive sound would come under my new moniker. Since my last project, I’ve been working on a whole lot of music and I’m currently about 3 albums deep this is now the time to start putting stuff out. Although I’m constantly evolving, everything that would come from here on out would be more definitive and seeing as this was my first body of work since 2020, it was befitting that this 2-track project should be called OMEN, the sign of what The Fireman will be, of what is to come.” His answer might leave you asking questions like “Why is this the right time to start putting his music out there? What prompted that decision?”

Well, he had this to say, “Well, it was always sort of the plan. I dropped my first mixtape of 12 songs in 2017, since then I’d known I was interesting enough to listen to on an LP, but sonically I wanted more freedom with my sound, having the right team to put it together, for it to come off right and I’d started testing the waters since then. The project in 2020 was a 3-track I used to gauge the reception, it was phenomenal. I followed that year with 4 freestyles that really took off in the underground, showcasing my rapping ability. All along, I’ve been prepping my audience for this very moment, cause OMEN will usher in new LPs. The reason this was the right time was I’d built enough trust in my audience and enough quality material to pull in new ones with everything I’ve done earlier. I was part of Empawa, got an SDC feature, and worked with a lot of industry acts. I’m a trusted commodity at this point, I’ve got the right team handling my sound and brand, plus there’s no better time than now. So here we are, in the now, doing it.”
In “Omen,” Moss trades hard bars with the featured acts, here Moss creates an amazing project across the EP’s 8:55 seconds runtime, while gracefully inserting himself as one to watch out for. Production credits go to Dwnld and Audio Monkey. Listen to “Omen” here and let us know your thoughts about the project.


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