Mojo Is Still In Full Chop-Life Mode On ‘Shawarma’

Mojo‘s message on his Prettyboy D-O‘s assisted ‘Chop Life Crew‘ is very simple: you’ve only got one shot at life, so enjoy it as much as you can. And on his latest offering ‘Shawarma‘, Mojo is bent on doing just that.

Rapping predominantly in Yoruba, the dreadlocked rapper describes having the best of trips after treating himself to a jumbo-sized joint which he metaphorically dubs shawarma. This DaRe Kasali-produced cut is no doubt an enjoy-the-moment anthem that hits the hardest when shuffling with a blunt in hand to the rhythm thumping from loudspeakers, and occasionally faking a jump-kick.

The rapper came around last week Wednesday to preview this record on the PGM Radio Show. The show also guested Godwin Tom and Akinyemi Ayinoluwa, where they discussed the nuts and bolts of the music management as well perversive menace of the culpable SARS operatives.

Enjoy ‘Shawarma‘ above and tell us if you think this is the next street anthem.


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