Mo’believe drops a family-inspired tune ‘Pere’

Urban folklore artist, Mo’believe invites you over to his corner on this song “PERE”. He highlights the importance of a good time with real friends, family with good African food, and incredible African music supplied by himself . 

As usual, the story-teller-musician tells it all in his usual sleek Yoruba language and his silky voice.  

Once again , Mo’believe proves Debola Abimbolu, of ThenativeMag right, when he described Mo’ as the one to make smart pop songs that you and your mum would listen to, in an article years ago. He invites you for a treat to chill and unwind with his music;

“If you  had a long day , follow me 

If you want to chill and relax,  follow me,

If you want to drink palm wine, follow me, so we can sing along to good music ” 

Pere is the first single off his EMPAWA – powered debut album, which is set to be out soon. Listen to the single here


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