Merry-Lynn releases a new song.

Whenever a record from Merry-Lynn comes on, you already know that she is singing from whatever emotion she is feeling at the moment, this is because the artist draws inspiration from love, heartbreak, loss, anger etc. whenever she wants to make music. Merry-Lynn’s growth can be charted from her debut in 2015 with the song “Silver Surfer” and continued to develop her discography with a debut EP “Petrichor” and also featuring on different songs like Psycho YP’s “Attention” and most recently she featured on Aylo’s latest album.

After making her 2022 debut with “London Bridge,” a Veen-produced track where the artist sings about leaving a stagnant relationship and re-entering the dating pool. Now, Merry-Lynn has arrived with another song tagged “Flowers.” In “Flowers,” Merry-Lynn sings about how she bares herself before her lover, but he takes everything from her and leaves, “I know I showed my broken bones, but then I got more from time before. Broken pieces over the floor, I know I showed you my broken heart… right before my eyes, you stole all that I had. Right before my eyes, you came and took all that I had left.” She is hurt by his actions and puts all her pain in this song with lyrics like, “Wanting your touch I know I won’t get it, you hurt me then you’re gone.”

“Flowers” is a song that pitches its tent in the aftermath of heartbreak; the pain and hurt one feels after giving your broken self to someone, but the person ends up hurting you and taking away what’s left of you. Production credit goes to Veen. Listen to “Flowers” here and let us know your thoughts about the song.



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