Media personality Olisa Adibua and Wonder X respond to Burna boy’s allegation of incompetence

Nigerian Afrobeats singer and Grammy winner Burna Boy trended yesterday after fans lashed out at him for his delayed appearance at his New Years Day Lagos Love Damini concert which was held at the Eko Energy City by the coastal waters of the Atlantic Ocean in Victoria Island, Lagos.  Reports have it that the event was slated for 7 pm but Burna and his team did not arrive till past 3 leaving his audience standing and watching a blank stage for hours after the official Dj slated for the event had played, packed up and left. A regular ticket sold for 30,000 naira while VIP and VVIP were 50,000 and 100,000 naira respectively. This event is reminiscent of his Eko Convention show in December 2018 where he was also 7 hours late.

On arriving, Burnaboy gave the reason for the delay as sound as well as ranted about the crowd and how he was only still performing because of Seyi Vibez who had pleaded with him. Fans took to Twitter to express their displeasure.

“Burna Boy will show up 7 hours late to his show and still scold y’all for not dancing enough while he performs. Abacha no do readh this one.”

“Burna Boy called Nigerians “Unprogressive Fools”. After coming late for his show he still had the effrontery to say God go punish people that paid for it. This same man will still come here to sing about oppression/oppressors when he’s no different from the people he criticized.”

Another said; “Burna Boy will never arrive late for his show and kick fans on stage if the concert was in UK”


Burna would later drop a public statement blaming his tardiness on bad sound and the promoter’s carelessness; ” I love you but I can’t do this again. The organizational structure and infrastructure is not there for the complexities of my audio and Production needs. Let’s be clear I wasn’t late, my band wasn’t late. We pride ourselves on being highly professional especially with our stage craft. There were three options available to me; wait for audio to be fixed and delay the show , come out 11pm as planned with no sound or call breach of contract and pull the plug.” He went on to directly name those he held responsible; “Wonder X, KC Kennedy, Olisa Adibua and Creative Economy Catalyst(CEC) did an abysmal job of executing anything and my fans should never have to go through that ” Upset at how the events of the night played out, he decided he would be taking matters into his own hands and called for investors who would be interested in partnering with him to build world-class infrastructure in the Nigerian Entertainment business.

Media personality and Entrepreneur Olisa Adibua has responded to Burna’s allegation with a statement stating he was only responsible for providing artists for the December activities at Wonderland, Eko Atlantic Energy City and helping with ticket sales. He was not part of the production team and hence cannot be held liable for the turn of events. Despite the early technological difficulties, Wonder X, the show organizers, declared in a statement on Monday that the event had made substantial progress. They apologized for the technical glitches and thanked Burna for his performance. They also appreciated the audience for their turnout. According to Wonder X, The Lagos Love Damini concert witnessed over 30,000 fans in attendance and a car lot with an unprecedented 11,000 cars.

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