MCskill ThaPreacha Teams Up With Stormatique On “Nucleus Vol.2”

Exactly a month after the release of “Nucleus” with Teck-Zilla, MCskill ThaPreacha is back with the second instalment in the 4-track series. On this, MCskill teams up with his friend and longtime collaborator, Stormatique, a seasoned hip-hop producer who also released his “Grains of Salt” album a couple of months back.

In usual fashion, this tape contains only four tracks with no guests. The entire project is also solely produced by Stormatique who doesn’t disappoint in delivering solid beats for the OG rapper to shine on.

Nucleus Vol. 2” opens with MCskill showing off the strength and depth of his pen on ‘Awakening‘. This is a cypher-like barfest in which the breathless and insatiable rapper spazzes over the slick boom-bap beat. This is swiftly followed by ‘Without Aid‘, a track which touches on the endemic substance abuse among youths today.

Nucleus 2 Rear

Nucleus 2 tracklist

New Beginnings‘ finds the rapper cheekily reflecting on his stint in the friend zone while he wraps the EP with an insightful social commentary on ‘Criminals‘. In this thoughtful closer, MCskill is in full elder statesman mode as he reflects on cybercrime commonly known in these parts as “yahoo-yahoo.” He is also highly critical of corrupt government officials whose greed has made the country a hotbed for crime.

Enjoy the “Nucleus Vol.2” above.


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