Maya Amolo’s Debut EP “Leave Me At The Pregame” Is An Intimate Journey To Self-healing

One of Kenya’s most gifted singers on the rise Maya Amolo has released her debut EP “Leave Me At The Pregame”. This is a 7-track project where she takes us on an intimate journey to self-healing through self-sabotage, self-realization, toxicity, love, and depression.

Thankfully, she’s found the light at the end of the tunnel and this is what this tape celebrates. “You ever get to a party and you’re just like, “damn. I should have stayed my ass at the pregame”. I can’t find my friends, I’m too drunk, someone is fighting, someone is crying, I’m just plagued by all the things that I’ve been putting off and all the thoughts resurface when I’m alone, in a crowd, at the club, away from the warmness and intimacy of the pregame,” she explains.

Using her soft delivery of raspy vocals and hard-hitting baselines as tour guides, the singer delves into the concept of self-realization and growth after escaping the cycles of the bad relationship in “Grwth” to the acceptance of the reality that there is a place and time for everything which she depicts in “Place and Time”.

Although a Kenyan, Maya Amolo is a US-based singer and songwriter who has swiftly amassed a dedicated listenership and a cult following with her delicate harmonies and carefully structured melodies.

Enjoy the tape above.


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