MAUIMOØN x La Soülchyld’s “Doing U Better” is a Soulful and Timeless RnB Ballad

“Doing U Better” is the third single from TANGAZA Magazine’s upcoming compilation album, Full Full Condition Vol. 3. It is a laid back, yet bouncy RnB song with sultry guitar and a soulful vocal delivery from MAUIMOØN.

MAUIMON, real name Donald Otim, is a singer-songwriter who is redefining the underground Alté movement in Africa. The producer goes by the alias La Soülchyld. Having East African roots in his music, he draws on R&B, Afro-pop, and hip-hop rhythms from several continents. It is hardly surprising that his music defies both boundaries and expectations. The Ugandan artist has distinguished himself by continuously remaining faithful to his craft. On songs like “Pleasure,” Maui’s smooth sailing unconventional vocals, afro-inspired percussion, and electro-soul-based synths helped him gain popularity on websites like SoundCloud.

MAUIMØON has quickly risen up in the Alte-R&B scene as his sound has continued to grow since releasing his Alté single “Sweeta” in 2022 garnering a considerable amount of streams on both Apple Music & Spotify. Other notable singles include “We Can Go Again”, “Here They Come” & “Leaving Summer”. Last year, he released “Cherry Sweet” as the lead single from his latest project. Titled “From Uganda With Love”, the EP made a #1 debut on Apple Music’s Top Albums Chart in his home country, Uganda.

Listen to “Doing U Better” here


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