Maka’s ‘Waiting For You’ Is A Daring Declaration Of Love

Over the weekend, Maka gave us a taste of her post-“It’s Not You, It’s Me” material. Teaming up with seasoned hip-hop producer Xblaze, Maka released ‘Waiting For You’,  her first 2020 single.

On ‘Waiting For You’, Maka tells the tale of a romance waiting to happen over head-bopping 808 drum riffs and vaporwave synths. With her soulful vocals, she draws you into a world of a woman unapologetic about her feelings. Her love interest appears to be timid and she, therefore, takes the initiative and openly declares her affection for him. “I just need your love,” she submits.

With this single, Maka show that can be confident without being angry and militant. “By embodying her full self as an assertive woman in a world that wants women to remain silent while men do all the chasing, Maka’s bold declaration of love simultaneously reads as individual and universal”

Listen to the single above.


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