Listen To BarelyAnyHook’s Trippy Tune ‘Line Up’

Super talented rapper, BarelyAnyHook has kicked off the year with a fresh single titled ‘Line Up’. This is his first single since ‘Vibrations, Clearly’ which was released mid last year.


The rapper came to the radar of many through his minute-long freestyle for Jidenna back in 2017 when the latter was promoting his debut album “The Chief” in Lagos. Ever since then, the rapper has continued to build a cult-following with impressive singles and intriguing live performances.


He premiered this record on the PGM Radio show with Douglas Jekan, CityMonsta and D-Truce on Wednesday, January 30. On the show, he revealed that he actually started out as a singer before morphing into the skilled rapper that he is known today. He also discussed the inspiration of the new single as well as the trend of rappers turning into singers with the PGM team.


Produced by Tobay and Trill XOE, ‘Line Up’ has a trap and trippy feel with the banging kicks and rolling hi-hats laying fertile ground  for an infectious chorus


One amazing thing about the record is how the rapper smoothly and effortlessly transitions from talking into rapping right after the first chorus. The lyrical heavyweight also showcases his lesser-known singing side and to be honest, he is quite brilliant at it.


Listen to the single here.



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