Lia Elise makes her debut with, “Same Old Story.”

For her debut, emerging South African singer/songwriter Lia Elise has released a single titled “Same Old Story.” In the strong ballad, Lia sings about her experience in a toxic relationship. “There’s a paper cut in my heart, and your silence is the only thing you have to say,” as a listener once you hear the first line, you’d already have a glimpse of the pain the artist has gone through. Toxic relationships always hurt someone or both parties, and they begin to question everything they know. One of the things people in situations like this tend to forget is that love is not martyrdom, and just like what Bunmi Africa once said, “If your love requires you to stand in the rain, maybe it wasn’t love.”

Lia sings about the events that happened in the relationship; the neglect, silence, broken promises, hurt, emotional damage, and the bruises that come with the aftermath of the relationship. She sings, “My hands are tied with the dreams you sell. My heart beats for all you love spells, even when I know it’s going to be hell,” it is obvious that the artist still loves her muse. You might wonder why people stay in relationships like this well it’s because they don’t have limits anymore. Everything they go through in their relationship chips away at their limit. Every time they choose to stay, it makes the next time harder to leave. Eventually, they lose sight of their limit altogether, and begin to have hope, but like Lia sings, “Hope is a dangerous thing when it comes to him.”

As the song progresses, one can sense that she is still holding on to the tiniest thread holding the relationship, and so she asks, “Will it ever change, when you say it will? The same old story again and again,” but she still gets the same old story. The Howie Combrink-produced song is more than a debut, it’s the singer’s reality.  While speaking about the song, she said, “Same Old Story is my debut musical project, born out of love for songwriting, and creating a song that will resonate with you when you need it the most. The single tells a story of the various difficult relationships that I experienced in the past. Even more so, this song is a story of forgiveness to myself for allowing certain things to never change and to always hope for the best.”

The artist who was born in Cape Town started performing at shows when she was 14, with this it is safe to say that she has been preparing for this moment. In my opinion, “Same Old Story” is more than just a debut, it’s the artist’s way of telling her story, sharing her emotions with the world, and wearing her struggles on her sleeve. The song is also accompanied by a music video which was directed by Howie Combrink and Rici Martins. Listen to the song here and let us know what you think.


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