Lemon Curd 3: Sweet & Sour

Lemon Curd 3 themed ’90’s Babies Ain’t Babies No More’ was to be a celebration of growth, but the event didn’t quite live up to this writer’s expectations. Created in 2016 and hosted by Lucid Lemons; a company of like-minded youths active in discovering and promoting the creativity of their generation, Lemon Curd has been successful in pulling New Age Nigerian music further into the spotlight rightly deserved.

The event was slated to last all day on the 4th of August and end with a nostalgic performance from Styl Plus; with an artist lineup including Blackmagic, Zamir, Tomi Thomas and a selection of other vibrant artists, Lemon Curd 3 was promising a lot, but a lack of communication and organisation may have smudged that up a tad leaving a handful of attendees unsatisfied. For an event that has been relatively successful these past two years, the bar definitely dropped with the execution of Lemon curd 3: issues like the poor time management and the quality of sound and performances from some of the artists did not – could not – go unnoted. Although, this writer may forgive these shortcomings with the arrival of actual performances from Maka, Zamir, Tomi Thomas and most especially Blackmagic and the nostalgia provided by Styl Plus.

Lemon Curd 3 could be regarded as having a successful third year in certain aspects, but with the way it was executed, Lucid Lemons has their work cut out for them because 90’s Babies will not always be so forgiving.


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