Lady Donli Reveals She Was Broke And Frustrated When She Recorded ‘Cash’

Ever since Lady Donli released ‘Cash‘ in March, many of us haven’t been able to get enough of the record. Despite the fact that it might have not clinched mainstream commercial success, the highly relatable record has generated so much buzz online that some have even dubbed it their summer anthem of 2019. Even Donli herself seems to be so much in love with the record.

However, she revealed in a recent interview that, ironically, she wasn’t going through the best of times emotionally and financially when she crafted the record with The Cavemen. To the surprise of many, the positive-energy spurring cut was borne of a time when Donli was broke, frustrated and stressed.

When asked how she came about the song in the interview with Indie Mag, Lady Donli replied “It actually came from a really stressful place; I’d graduated from university, I left my home in England and went back to Nigeria. I was staying at my dad’s house and travelling back and forth to Lagos, because that’s where most of the music is. One weekend I decided not to come back. I was sleeping anywhere, in a studio, on a sofa.

Me and my band were in the beginning stages, still getting used to each other. We were jamming, and I was like ‘guys I’m so frustrated, and I’m so broke!’ We decided to make a song about money and the quest for having cash. The song came from a place of frustration, but it makes me so happy to see people vibing to it.”

In the interview, she also discussed her debut album set for release later this year. According to her, “the new album, Enjoy Your Life, is about spreading the message of happiness and love-in the way that it should be, could be-and about treating people better.”

She also discussed her career journey, her influences, her relationship with other new wave Nigerian acts and more in the interview. By next month, she is expected to continue the roll-out for the album with the release of the next single in July. A song which she describes as her most special number to date.

Enjoy ‘Cash’ below.


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