Lady Donli Chases Away Hardship In New Single ‘Suffer Suffer’

After the 10-day countdown led by Lady Donli herself, the second single off her highly anticipated album, “Enjoy Your Life” is finally here! This new single titled ‘Suffer Suffer‘ is one she refers to as her most “special record to date” and it comes just a couple of weeks after her last nostalgic release, ‘Comforter‘. Although the single isn’t a part of the album rollout. Therefore, ‘Suffer Suffer‘ picks up where ‘Cash‘ left off in the release cycle of the coming project.

In ‘Suffer Suffer‘, Donli outrightly rejects hardship, poverty and suffering, and as the title of her album implies, she wants to enjoy her life to the fullest just like almost everyone else. Through the record, Donli invites the listener to her life journey and goals, particularly narrating her hustle story of how she left the warmth and comfort of her home in Abuja to come to make a good life for her self while doing what she loves best in Lagos.

The tune follows the thematic Afrocentric sound of the imminent project, and it is heavily inspired by Fela Anikulapo Kuti‘s afrobeat particularly in the delivery of the chorus and the ensuing chants right after.

In a recent interview with Indie Mag, Donli reveals that the album is about “spreading the message of happiness and love in the way that it should be, could be-and about treating people better,” and both ‘Cash’ and ‘Suffer Suffer‘ are definitely testaments to that end.

Enjoy the record and join Lady Donli in chasing suffering away.


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