Kyrian Asher’s Artistic Depth Is Undeniable On ‘Noctem Drive Neon’ And ‘Jokers & Joyrides’

Abuja based act, Kyrian Asher has proven himself time and again as an act to look out for. With his artistic depth and distinct style, experimenting with different sounds,  the multi-talented act has been steady with his delivery of premium quality releases over the years. The singer, songwriter, and producer, is one to wear his heart on his sleeves, coating his stories and experiences in piercing melodies that are easy to sink to.

His 2018 releases Noctem Drive Neon and Jokers & Joyrides are the latest testaments to his undeniable talent and artistry.

On ‘Jokers & Joyrides’, Kyrian turns his romance with his demons into poetry. He is clouded by his thoughts and he sinks into it with his greens to help him fly and enjoy the night. Later in the song, Kyrian acknowledges his hiatus but assures us that he is nowhere to stay.

Opening with auto-tuned hums, ‘Noctem Drive Neon’ is an anthem of resilience. On the record, he is relaxed but assertive and abrasive as he openly declares his refusal to succumb to industry pressures for mainstream acceptance. With his chest-thumping affirmations, this record feels like a soundtrack to the current state of our creative industry where creatives are refusing to cave into the laid down structures and patterns but staying true to their art to produce something genuine.

Given the industry climate at the moment, these records might not be necessarily set up for radio or commercial success, but they come highly recommended from us PGM Club as a sound that will leave you awestruck. If you love good music, you’d definitely love these songs.

Noctem Drive Neon

Jokers & Joyrides




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