Kid Marley Craves That Good Life On ‘Enjoy’

Kid Marley has been missing in action for a while now. Ever since the album “The Grey Area” with 3rty, he has been on a self-imposed holiday and it has taken a pandemic and it’s resulting lockdown to finally get some music from the all-round creative. Just yesterday, he broke his relative silence with ‘Enjoy’, a tune that reminds us that life is short, life is one and we should, therefore, enjoy it as much as we can.

With this new drop, Kid Marley amplifies our thoughts, dreams and aspirations in the simplest terms. What do we wake up at 5 am and spend the next couple hours in traffic for? Isn’t it to make enough to get us that good life? To be able to live on our terms?

Sadly, many get lost in the pursuit that we even forget to enjoy the life we’ve got at hand. You don’t necessarily need to have a million dollars stacked somewhere before you can start to enjoy your life. While tilling, we should enjoy the process. And when success comes, we should enjoy our wins. Even the little ones.
Over the laidback Learnthecreator production spiced with an acoustic guitar loop, Kid Marley nudges us to “Enjoy your life, enjoy your life now / Re-live your life, re-live your life now.”

One of my favourite lessons off the highly celebrated book “The Alchemist” is that the secret to happiness is to enjoy the marvels of the world while keeping an eye on the prize. And same goes for Kid Marley, as he reminds us that “life is only worth living if you’re living it.”

You can catch Kid Marley having the time of his life alone, surrounded by nature in the accompanying video. The all-round creative is seen enjoying the peace, quiet and clarity that comes with sitting by the sea.

Enjoy the single above and let us know what you think.


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