KEL Releases Joint EP with Big Foot “Vita.Amare.Libidine”

The multifaceted artist, Kel, and burgeoning producer, Big Foot have teamed up on a new EP titled “Vita.Amare.Libidine.” This is Kel’s first offering since her critically acclaimed debut album, “The Investment,” released about a decade ago which housed hits like ‘Waa Wa Alright’ and ‘Too Fine’.


This new project is a 5-track EP solely produced by Big Foot, with Pasha being the only featured act on the project. In contrast to her hip-hop-centered debut album, this EP shows KEL’s sultry side, seamlessly fusing afro-pop and R&B.


The title of the EP, “Vita.Amare.Libidine” directly translates to Life, Love, Lust and that provides a glimpse of what to expect on the joint project.


Listen to the EP here.


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