Johnny Drille Releases Two New Singles ‘Forever’ & ‘Shine’

Mavin Records signee and burgeoning alternative sensation, Johnny Drille has released two new singles titled ‘Forever’ & ‘Shine’. These are his first offerings this year after recording measurable successes in 2018, particularly his sold out ‘Johnny’s Room Live’ concert at Muri Okunlola Park.


The singer also recently achieved a milestone, securing over 10 million cumulative streams across Apple Music, Boomplay, Spotify and Youtube.


‘Forever’ sees the singer promising a timeless love to his woman as he appeals to her. It is really amazing how Johnny Drille continues to sing beautifully about love without sounding cliche and boring.


On ‘Shine‘, Johnny Drille preaches positivity in the face of turmoil, urging his listeners to continue to persevere and press on for “in the morning time, the sun must shine.” This is an upbeat tune that is definitely easy to sink into. And, coming so early into the year, it is definitely a tune that should help motivate you to achieve your goals set for 2019.


As common with Johnny Drille’s records, these new singles are highly rich in instrumentation and content. According to the singer, “making these records was a journey that spanned from 2015…” and the quality of the delivery on these singles is a testament to the hard work and efforts that great records demand from skilled craftsmen.


Enjoy both singles here.



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