Jesse Jagz Steps Back Into The Ring With “Garba”

Many would swear that Jesse Jagz is the greatest. And with cult-classics like “Jagz Nation Vol.1: Thy Nation Come” and “The Royal Nigeria Company” you might just agree that there are some merits to their argument. However, his fourth album, “Odysseus” felt like a dent to his legacy. A stumble to his impressive run, a speed bump to his joyride of quality releases. He had grown a reputation for himself as a project rapper, but despite assists from Burnaboy, Cynthia Morgan, Styl-Plus and Hotyce, the lukewarm 2017 album felt like a letdown.

And ever since, Jesse has been more silent than ever. He went into seclusion, where he often seems to work best. We even heard rumours that he had left Lagos altogether for his for the sanity and tranquillity of his home in Jos. But now, Jesse is back. And he has sneaked his way back to our ears and playlists with a new self-titled EP “Garba”

Last week, he gave us the first dose of the material he had been working on, breaking his year-long hiatus with ‘B’. This new project contains just five tracks, all titled after each letter of his middle name, Garba. Unlike his previous releases, this project contains no known names, only featuring appearances from Anchorman and Mr Murph.

Hopefully, this EP would restore the confidence of his ever-loyal fanbase, shut naysayers up, win over nonbelievers and restore Jesse where he rightfully belongs; in the pantheon of the greats.

Listen to this album above.


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