Janelle Monae teams up with Seun Kuti and Egypt 80 to deliver cosy tune “Float”

Janelle Monae is a true visionary in the music industry, and her unique blend of soul, funk, R&B, and pop has earned her a well-deserved place among the most innovative and exciting artists of our time. Her voice is both powerful and angelic, and her lyrics are rich with poetry, political commentary, and personal introspection. What sets Janelle Monae apart from other artists is her uncompromising commitment to her artistry. She is not afraid to take risks and experiment with new sounds and genres, and her albums are always cohesive and thematically rich. From the Afrofuturist themes of “The ArchAndroid” to the gender and sexuality exploration of “Dirty Computer,” Janelle Monae’s music is never boring, always thought-provoking, and endlessly entertaining.

In her latest rendition “Float” she mingles with Nigerian music force Seun Kuti and his band Egypt 80 to deliver one of her most cosy songs yet. She flows between singing and raping over trickling bass as she spits bold and daring lyrics of self-assurance and positivity with swagger. Among other things, the Memphis Grizzlies point guard “Ja Morant’s floating to the rim while dunking on his ops” was an inspiration for the song.  “Float” is the lead single from Janelle’s upcoming fifth studio album.

Seun Kuti is a musical force to be reckoned with. The son of the legendary Fela Kuti, Seun has continued his father’s legacy with his unique blend of Afrobeat, jazz, funk, and traditional African rhythms. His music is a powerful and infectious combination of political commentary, social activism, and musical mastery that has won him fans all over the world. Seun Kuti’s music is at once deeply rooted in tradition and fiercely contemporary. He has taken his father’s Afrobeat sound and infused it with his own unique energy and perspective, creating a style that is both authentic and innovative. His live performances are a tour-de-force of music, dance, and political activism that leave audiences both entertained and inspired.

Float” was produced by talented music producers, Nana KwabenaNate “Rocket” Wonder and Sensei Bueno. You’re in for a treat with this soothing jam, listen here


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