Jamal Swiss Taps Remy Baggins For His First 2020 Drop ‘Lifestyle’

After a pretty much silent 2019 save for his ‘Fly’ duet with Davina Oriakhi, Jamal Swiss is opening the not-so-new year with ‘Lifestyle’, a record fun-loving twenty-somethings would sink easily to. Produced by Jay Blakez, the record finds Jamal Swiss playing alongside one of Nigeria’s most vibrant acts on the rise, Remy Baggins

Jamal teased the record a couple of days ago on Twitter by dropping a steaming snippet that left us stretching our hands for the real thing. And now that it’s here, we just can’t get enough.

On this record one thing is sure; Jamal and Remy sure know how to have a good time. But they’re probably quite bored with it as they are looking to take on new chop-life partners. 

Lifestyle’ could easily have passed for a cute love song but love isn’t what they promise. They just want to give you a peek into their amazing hedonistic lifestyles and probably hope you stick around after that. And if not, they move to their next catch. 

Jamal’s muse is an Abuja-based Lagos newbie who also likes to party. But one thing is missing; adequate knowledge of the hotspots around the city where the real party’s at. But Jamal is a willing and capable tour guide hoping to give her that welcome package we all secretly wish for. 

In his part, Remy plays the Lagos big boy with deep pockets. He has the means and is, of course, ready to splurge on this new love interest. But her the flashiest things, treat her to the fanciest places and give her the time of her life.


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