Ise Logun Ise

Ife Ogunwumiju aka OloriAfrica is a Performing Artist, working on making some studio records.
She focuses on audible vocals with meaningful lyrics to keep some history with her songs hoping unborn generations will learn from her music like she did when she was growing up.

Ife Ogunwumiju

Ife Ogunwumiju

IFE Ogunwumiju aka OloriAfrica is an Afro Soul, Afro Jazz,, Afro Blues and Afro Classical singer , performing artist trying to be a recording artist. She realized her talent for music from a very tender age of 4. She started performing in large audiences (10,000+) from the age of 9. She entered into the mainstream Nigerian music singing Contemporary Afro Diverse music with strong deep meanings, with the intent of bringing back the past African sounds and songs to the present and for the future generations to listen to and learn from like she did while growing up


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