Irene Ntale Releases UMG Debut, ‘Nyamba’

In the wake of her recent signing to Universal Music Africa, award-winning Ugandan singer, Irene Ntale has released her major debut, titled ‘Nyamba’.

Last week Wednesday, August 21, Universal Music Group Nigeria unveiled Irene Ntale as its latest signing, their first-ever act from Uganda. This is no doubt a move that sets the East African star on the path to continental dominance and global recognition, and she is wasting no time, kicking things right off with this release.

‘Nyamba’ is a sultry number that finds Irene Ntale openly declaring her affection to her love interest. Over the soothing and melodious record, there is a soulful realness in her delivery woven in English and Luganda her local dialect that cuts across her wide-ranging audience.

This record is also highly rich in instrumentation with a lopped strutting guitar riff that blends so smoothly with her sweet voice. A radio-friendly jam, this is no doubt a scintillating feel-good record that has overwhelming crossover potential.


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