Introducing the Bass Queen: Lindsey Abudei

Jos to the World. That’s the title of Ice Prince’s next album, probably chosen to reflect how musical talents have taken him from the high altitude streets of Jos to fame, fortune, and worldwide stardom. From 2baba to MI to P-square, Jos has been a constant source of talent for the Nigerian music industry, providing balance to a scene dominated by the Juju and Fuji inspired west and the Highlife sounds of the east. Collectively they have all pushed the boundaries of Nigerian music in their own way and on a wet Sunday evening in Lekki a few weeks ago, I discovered Jos’ next gem to the world, Miss Lindsey Abudei.

Lindsey is not entirely a new face on the block. For years she frequently collaborated with Jesse Jagz and MI as part of the Loopy Records collective but in 2013 she finally released her first solo body of work, an EP titled Brown with guest appearances from Ese Peters and Eve Urrah.

It served as a precursor to what was to come in her debut album, And The Bass is Queen. In it, Lindsey gifts the world a complete and sublime body of work that will take you on a soulful musical journey and stimulate nostalgic emotions about Love, Heartbreak and everything in between.

ATBIQTRY sample 11-1

Listening to the album on my devices was great, but listening to her perform the songs at the listening session was an experience! Sometimes to truly appreciate music, you have to see the artist perform, feel the energy of the live instruments and witness the emotional impact, that both talking about, and performing a song has on the artist and the audience.

The album opens up with ‘Have You?’ And ‘Drift Away’, songs about heartbreak and the sadness that comes with it but they are delivered in such a beautiful way you’re not exactly sure if you should be smiling or crying. ‘Out The Magazine’ tells the story of the differences between the brushed up world presented in magazines and movies and how it differs greatly from reality.

On ‘Libra Man’, she rebels against the notion that her soulmate is a Libra as dictated by dating horoscopes. High has her longing to be loved passionately and with Apologize, she pens a heartfelt apology song to a wronged lover. ‘Freedom and I’ and ‘Shoot Them Down’ depart from the overall theme of the album, songs about survival and thriving in adversity. Motivational even.

Leaving closes out the album. Up tempo and groovy with themes along the lines of Freedom and I and Shoot Them Down.

The emphasis on live instrumentals reduces the dependence on production to make the album great. Instead, she achieves this with her amazing voice and her pen, her songwriting skills evident on every single track.

With ‘And The Bass Is Queen’ Lindsey has made fans of us at and we strongly advise that you get a copy of the album for yourself. This is what good music sounds like!

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