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Falana. Until fairly recently this name was associated in the Nigerian psyche with activism and law courts, fights for social liberties and to correct injustice. The only thing music related about the name was Femi Falana representing the great Fela during his many brushes with the law. This, however, is slowly changing. First, there was Folarin Falana, Falz, whose combination of comedy and satirical lyrics has turned him into a BET award-winning superstar. And now we have a singer and multi-instrumentalist simply named Falana.

Born and raised in Canada to Nigerian parents her music is very reflective of her early influences, Lauren Hill and Fela Kuti, but that’s just half the story. Spending a year in Havana, Cuba helped her develop her musical personality, hone her stage craft and it was also where her debut EP “Things Fall Together” was recorded.

Things Fall Together is a combination of jazz, Rn’B, and soul. A blend that Falana likes to call Soul Fusion.


The EP’s major theme is love. The 5 tracks telling a love story of heartbreak, forgiveness, and redemption. Falana goes from rejecting the advances of an old lover in “Re-infiltrator”, to weighing up the decision on “Chances” and finally giving and starting anew on “Start Again”.

“To Benard” is the standout track on the EP. A retrospective look at the reasons for love failing and a relationship’s end.

The beauty of music is that it can transcend borders and language barriers. With “Angelistos Negros”, the Black Angles, Falana had me wishing I had a proper understanding of the Spanish language. A beautiful song.

Falana’s presentation of her music excites just as much as the music. Her pop-up series of concerts are intimate gatherings designed to introduce her to the Nigerian audience. It is highly recommended that you attend one of the concerts to fully appreciate her work. The best music is always live.


We at thePGMclub are very excited about Falana and eagerly await her forthcoming debut album.

Follow her social media @falanamusic

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