Inside Kizz Daniel’s arrest.

On the 8th of August 2022, reports were been circulated all over social media that Nigerian artist Kizz Daniel had been allegedly arrested by the Tanzanian police force over the failure to perform for a concert he had been booked for. Videos of his arrest were all over social media alongside clips from the concert where attendees were vandalizing the venue from the rage of waiting for over five hours for the artist to perform. Lots of Nigerians have taken to Twitter to air their opinion on the matter and lots of people have called out the singer for his bad character and allegedly taking money from show promoters and failing to perform at the show over flimsy excuses like logistics, lack of escorts and many more.

This is not the first time Kizz Daniel has disappointed fans at a concert, barely a month ago the “Buga” crooner was called out on social media for being four hours late to a concert in Maryland. Asides from his lateness, he spent only thirty minutes on stage giving a mid-performance and leaving fans enraged. A few days later, a statement was issued by the singer where he blamed his lateness on his passport being withheld by the US Consulate in Nigeria, but should the US Consulate be blamed for giving a poor performance at the concert? Also, the artist recently cancelled a show slated to hold in Denver abruptly without any specific reason. Well, it looks like he has bitten more than he can chew with his latest stunt.

According to Steven Uwa, the Nigerian promoter who booked the artist, he said Kizz Daniel refused to perform at the show because his luggage that contained his gold chain was missing, although according to Steven the artist was already wearing a chain when he was speaking to him and Kizz also refused the clothes gotten for him to replace the missing ones, it was rejected by the artist. Do claims of missing clothes and jewellery justify his absence at the concert?

Kizz Daniel’s actions have opened a new conversation around artists taking fans for granted and showing the barest minimum of professionalism when it comes to concerts and musical shows. Some fans are recommending the same actions taken against Kizz Daniel to be incorporated into the Nigerian music industry, while others are tagging the artist’s arrest as Xenophobic. However, Xenophobic act or not Kizz Daniel signed a contract and failing to deliver his end of the bargain should have some consequences. The artist has now been released and will be back in Nigeria any time soon. Recently, Kizz Daniel appeared at a press conference in Tanzania to apologize and try to make amends for his actions. According to the artist, he said his flight was delayed in Kenya for over eight hours and then his bags that contained equipment and costume for the show was missing; after efforts to get the luggage failed he proceeded to perform at the show, but the vandalism by fans posed as a security threat to him and his team. Hence, he stayed back and he also had this to say concerning his alleged arrest, “The police came to my hotel, took me in for questioning-it wasn’t an arrest. [It was to inquire] why my name keeps coming up, how are you connected to the destruction of this property?” The show promoters have apologized for false accusations that claimed that the artist missed the show because of his missing luggage.

The artist also said that there would be another show on Friday, this time a free show. He said, “We agreed with the promoters that we will apologize to the fans and arrange another show.” Kizz Daniel has cut all ties with Str8up Vibes and will be collaborating with another company for the free show. However, a refund wasn’t mentioned and he didn’t state who would be covering the cost of the previously damaged venue. Hopefully, Kizz Daniel gives them a good show on Friday. What are your thoughts about his apology?

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