Ice Cream: Lady Donli Featuring Tomi Thomas

Lady Donli, a name that has been on D’Watchlist ever since she put out her Wall Flower Ep, has just put out a new record called Ice Cream featuring Tomi Thomas, who just shared a stage with Cobhams Asoquo at the 4th edition of the PGM Live.  And by God, he was amazing!

In this new single, Lady Donli uses ice cream as a metaphor to describe a love that is addictive yet not healthy.  A love that is so sweet, it comes in various flavors making it even harder to resist.

Certainly, we have all found ourselves in such a situation at one point in life.  But just like the saying goes, Life is like an Ice Cream, enjoy it before it melts,’ sometimes we need to just indulge ourselves and enjoy it while it lasts. Even if it’s just for a moment.

The song also buttresses her versatility as she fuses in a stint of disco which seems to be the new rave right now (i.e Drake – Passion Fruit & Odunsi / Nonso Amadi – Don’t).

We at thePGMClub recommend this song to all good music lovers. (PGM)


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