Heavy Heart – Dwin, The Stoic

Edwin Madu – Dwin, The Stoic is a poet, singer, songwriter and 1/3 of the ‘Experimental Rock’ band Ignis Brothers (along with Ruth Zakari and Lamide Aranmolate).

In July, Dwin released his debut album Heavy Heart. The project is a multi-genre LP and honestly, this is the playlist for the times you can’t get a text back. The genres go from Folk to Soft Rock and we listen to Dwin artfully use this debut to draw attention to his voice – so raw and filled with emotion. Heavy Heart was exclusively produced by 3rty and features Paybac, Gido, Vader theBarelyAnyHook, Davina Oriakhi, Jamal Swiss and Nnayimovich (The Stoic’s alter ego). The album has the rollout singles Happy Song and Are You The One? and Ignis Brothers’ debut single Braveheart. For all the fun it may bring to being in the feels of not getting a text back, Heavy Heart is introspective and makes one think, exploring concepts from spirituality to love and heartbreak. The album’s lead single Happy Song is ironically unhappy telling the story of a lover’s loss brought to life in TheGrandVezir’s stop-motion animation video.

Heavy Heart is an amazing debut and this writer is looking forward to crying more tears.


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