Have You Heard Of Tychi?

Meet burgeoning singer and songwriter Tychi Phibz, who was brought to our attention by ace producer, artist and an all-around good guy, IBK Spaceshipboi.

Tychi Phibz is kicking her year off with a new single titled ‘Open Spaces’. And on this record, she enlists the brilliance of Eskeezondbeat as the producer.  

Ever since her debut in 2014 with; The Still Place‘, a gospel record, Tychi Phibz has been consistent with the quality of her releases and her appearance on collaborations. Over the years, she has worked with skilled acts like SoundSultan, Waje, IBK Spaceshipboi, and Bez.

She seems not to be bound to a particular genre as she seeks to prove herself as a versatile artist who is comfortable experimenting with diverse sounds.

In her latest single ‘Open Spaces’, Tychi Phibz is no different as her creativity and versatility are on full display. On the record, she is fully appreciative of her late mother and instead of wallowing in sorrow, she is living her life to the fullest.

According to her, “Open Spaces is a song for everyone and anyone who is dealing or has dealt with a transition of a loved one and believes despite all, I have room enough to be the best version of myself living my best life and cherishing those moments shared with this wonderful soul who has transitioned.”

The song opens with her crooning a beautiful adulation of her mum over piano chords. It, however, morphs into a groovy afro-jazz tune with a compelling funky bassline. Towards the third verse, it transitions to a trap-like beat but gets back to the groovy feel for the chorus. Amidst these beat switches, Tychi Phibz finds herself at home all through the record, transitioning between them as sharp and smooth as ever.

This makes ‘Open Spaces’ an overtly joyful and upbeat song on which Tychi Phibz shines the brightest.

If you love good music, you’d definitely find yourself running back to it after your first listen.

Listen here


Buy the full song here.


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