GoodGirl LA Views Success As A Journey In ‘Jeje’

Ever since her highly infectious and percussive team-up with Terri on ‘Talo Lomo’ in December 2019, GoodGirl LA seems to have taken a break to refresh her creative juices from the busy year. This was up until very early this morning when she released her year opening single ‘Jeje’. This is a record she dedicates to all dark horses, reminding them to take things easy even as they strive for greatness.

This soft and mellow Afropop stunner has its beat laid down by one of the youngest producers playing in the big leagues, P.Prime. GoodGirl LA finds herself having a smooth sail on ‘Jeje’ as she rides the beat with seamless ease, using her raunchy vocals as the steering wheel. She muses her come-up story to admonish her listeners to take things a step at a time on their journey to success.

Over the past year, GoodGirl LA has quietly evolved from near obscurity to mainstream consciousness. And even though she still has a long way to go, she has also recorded wins in several measures that place her in a fine position for imminent dominance. But she has seen enough to tell that success takes time and one has to be easy on one’s self. With ‘Jeje’, the good girl reminds us all that success is a journey, not a destination.

Enjoy this single above.


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