GoodGirl LA Finally Shares Romantic Video For ‘Far Away’

Barely over a month after the release of the visuals for her first video ever, ‘Bless Me‘, GoodGirl LA has unveiled the visuals for the year-old single,  ‘Far Away‘. The well-received number released in April 2019 ushered the stunning soulful singer to the Nigerian music scene and she has failed to disappoint ever since.

The Visuals by Uche-directed video opens with GoodGirl LA walking to the fitness centre and getting attracted to a well-built guy also working out at the gym. She walks up to him and gives him her contact. They then spend some time together, as she all over him alone in a dim lit room. He also comes to her gig to support her as she performs live with girl-band on stage.

The record which was inspired by a real-life experience finds GoodGirl LA crooning about an unavailable crush. She opens her heart and expresses her strong affections towards a love interest which just seems to be unavailable or ‘far away’ as she puts it. ‘Far Away‘ is indeed a highly relatable record as we all at one point or another had strong or deep feelings for someone who doesn’t exactly feel the same way or isn’t just emotionally available for whatever reason.


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