GoodGirl LA Releases “La Confidential” EP Exclusively On Boomplay

Barely a year after the release of her emotive single ‘Far Away‘, GoodGirl LA released her debut project yesterday (August 12), titled “La Confidential.”  However, the EP is currently only available on Boomplay, as it would be made available on other platforms by September 6.

Containing 8 tracks, this EP is an entirely solo affair as she does not feature any guest appearances on the project. Priime mainly handles most of the production on the album as LA also works with Quebeat, Leriq and SYN who produced ‘Far Away‘. One exciting thing about this coming EP is that it doesn’t contain any pre-released single.

La Confidential Tracklist

La Confidential Tracklist (Twitter/@iamGoodGirlLA)

You can get the album here.

N.B: This post has been updated.


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