GoodGirl LA And Terri Are An Inseparable Duo On ‘Talo Lomo’

Just a couple of months after releasing her debut “La Confidential” EP, GoodGirl LA is back with which she claims to be her last release of the year. This is a new single is titled ‘Talo Lomo‘ and it features one of the most talented acts on the rise, Terri.

Produced by a capable duo of Tempo and P.Prime, ‘Talo Lomo‘ is an infectious and percussive dance-centric tune that showcases sizzling chemistry of the two acts. Despite being a record that seems tailored for the festive #DettyDecember and clubs, the pair doesn’t just lazy around on the thundering drums. With her enchanting voice, GoodGirl LA croons with a causal air about an intoxicating but unrequited affection. Terri on his part delievers product on hook-duty and with a stunning closer. One striking thing about the record is the near-inaudible but scintillating chant GoodGirl LA delievers on the bridge.

This is no doubt a banger that would rock the dancefloors as we begin to wrap up the year. Hell, it might just be that smash hit to propel Goodgirl LA to mainstream success.

Enjoy the record here.


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