GMK & Tomi Thomas’ ‘Lagos (Everyday)’ Is An Ode To Gidi’s Hustle Spirit

A few weeks ago, the acclaimed alte playmaker GMK reunited Sugarbana and Prettyboy DO on his year opening record, ‘Strong and Solid’. To follow it up, GMK has teamed up with his friend and frequent collaborator Tomi Thomas to release their new joint to unsuspecting fans. Dropped to help people get through these times, the duo has dished out a beautiful ode to our celebrated city titled ‘Lagos (Everyday)’.

‘Lagos (Everyday)’ is a meditation on the dominant hustle culture which the city it is titled after houses. This is one of the outstanding traits that separates Lagos from several others across the country. And even though the city is Nigeria’s financial capital, poverty is very much extensive even in the midst of plenty.

To give the listeners a first-hand feel of this culture, the song is littered with soundbites of Lagosians going about their daily grind on the streets of Lagos. The city isn’t exactly kind to those waiting for handouts, so everyone has to hustle for their bread regardless of its legality.

No doubt, GMK and Tomi Thomas did so well to soundtrack all that with this laid back and infectious record. And as expected the record finds GMK on the boards while Tomi Thomas and his guitar cruise smoothly over the mellow beat.

Given the frequency of GMK’s releases this year, it might be safe to start looking out for a new project from the producer, but until then enjoy this new record that comes highly recommended from us at the PGM Club.


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