Gigi Atlantis & BOJ Remain Undaunted In ‘Deathproof’

Gigi Atlantis rounded up 2019 with an empowering anthem for the ladies. Featuring a stunning assist from Fasina, ‘Wahala On The Rocks’ charged women to be unapologetic and confident in their dealings. And just over four months into 2020, Gigi Atlantis is leading a call of resilience.

A very timely record, Gigi’s latest release ‘Deathproof’ speaks to all of us. For many, this year hasn’t been what it promised. The world itself has been held hostage by the COVID-19 virus, crippling social and economic activities in many countries. No one prepared for this. Dreams are starting to fade, plans are getting suspended.

2020 was supposed to be that year. Where did we go wrong?

But we have no other choice than to dust ourselves and keep moving. That’s what Gigi Atlantis and BOJ advocate on this Ikon-produced number. Sure, the song might even have been recorded long before now, but it speaks right into what we are going through at the moment.

Gigi is death-proof and she wants you to be too. “Nobody said that it would be smooth sailing/ Through the trials tribulations prevailing,” she reminds us. Regardless of what life throws at her, she is ready to bounce back. “Deathproof, Ain’t finna die so we ride” she sings.

For BOJ, giving up isn’t an option. Backing down isn’t on the table. “Some people talk bout giving up, Me I tell them straight, I can’t relate” he whispers.

BOJ is always known to be a team player. He is part of a powerful collective, DRB who just released their debut album, “Pioneers”. He also joined forces with his longtime friend and collaborator, Ajebutter 22 to release “Make E No Cause Fight”, the sequel of which starred Falz. But he also understands that life is a personal race. You’ve only got yourself. A lone soldier, he reminds us in his verse that “even if I fall I will get back up/ I do it on my own I don’t need backup”.

Enjoy ‘Deathproof’ and get reenergized above.


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