Gentleman crooner, Ric Hassani centers love in his new 17 track album titled “The Prince I Became”

Ric Hassani comes through with a new project “The Prince I became”. It is a 17 track album enlisting various African talents from varying genres to produce an exceptional musical experience.  The artists featured on the album are; Fumbani Changaya, Sauti Sol, Nicky Jam, Zoro, Kuami Eugene, Called out music and Frank Edwards.

The tracks on the album are; Everything, Body conversation, You’re my baby, My kind of Woman, Thunder fire you, Angel, My Only Baby, A little bird told me, All my love, Do Lai Dat, Rising Sun, Mine forever, When I’m gone, Rain, Victory belongs to Jesus, Samuel’s prayer and Korede.

Love which is regarded as the greatest cosmic force is perhaps the most discussed topic ever. As social beings fumbling through the world around us, we crave intimacy and connection. Someone to do life with, someone to fall back on when the world gets cold and distressing. Someone we hope lends us kindness on our worst days. The singer through this project explores our primal desire for interconnectedness. Ric Hassani navigates thumping percussions as he leaps through hurdles in his love life. This time, the focus is on romantic relationships although the album touches on Philia and even Agape love, evoking feelings of peace and tranquility in his listeners. The growth in his sound is apparent and his artistry quite evident.

The singer begins the album with Everything where he professes that his new found girl is everything he has ever wanted and desired. After almost losing hope, he finds a girl who shows him what true love is. He has all that he has ever desired. This girl is everything he has ever needed to feel complete.

There is a switch from the first cheery song to a more sensual tune, Body Conversation. In this song, Ric requires no words. This time around, say nothing and let the body do the talking.

With amazing vocals and soft melodies, Ric Hassani claims his baby and states he is her man in You’re my Baby. Sounds like the perfect soundtrack to a Hollywood romance movie.

Sauti Sol brings the Kenyan blues to My Kind of Woman. Her natural beauty and perfect smile brings peace and light to their lives. Both artists are in sync and the harmony in their voices, pure perfection.

The song that follows, Thunder fire you, released a few days ago has already become a favourite amongst fans. Although banned from playing by the NBC (Nigerian Broadcasting Commission), it is still being heavily streamed on digital platforms . It’s the way he made a heavy insult bougie for us. Makes it rather comic without taking away from the depth of the emotions portrayed in the song.

Nicky Jam’s fusion of indigenous language makes Angel pure bliss to listen to.

In the next sweet melody that follows, My Only Baby, the artist celebrates the beauty and charm of his lover and his desire to make her his only baby.

Next comes a 1:31 mins interlude with Fumbani Changaya. The rest of the songs continue to speak on love in all its dimensions even agape love. While tracks like All my love, Do lai Dat, Rising sun, Mine Forever, When I’m gone, Rain are concerned with Eros.  There are tracks dedicated to God’s love “Victory belongs to Jesus” and even Philia love; A quick prayer from a friend concerning the album titled “Samuel’s prayer” which oddly does not feel out of place in this project.

The children choir in Korede and Family’s prayer give the last track such a beautiful aura.

The album has a total runtime of 54 mins and with these beautiful Afropop and R&B melodies, you can’t get enough. Great artistry from songwriting to vocals down to production. The project is riddled with Smooth and Classic songs which will forever be evergreen.

The conversations about love are relatable. Sequencing is spot on, we do not need to wade through mediocre tracks as every song on the album is noteworthy. This DeeYasso production  is an all round stellar production.

Best tracks on the album are My Kind of Woman ft. Sauti Sol, Thunder fire you, Korede and You’re my baby.

We rate this album an 8/10.

Listen to the album and enjoy.


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