Garey Godson Is Steady On His Grind On ‘Ma Way’

An undeniable fact is that Garey Godson is one of the most hardworking music acts we have around right now. All year long, the Germany-based fusionist has been steady with his releases, giving us quantity and quality at every single turn. We are just seven months into the year and he has given us a full-length project – his sophomore album “Still I Rise”-  accompanied by a handful of singles. And this week, Garey Godson comes bearing gifts yet again.

On his latest single ‘Ma Way‘, Garey teams up with Mae N. Maejor, an award-winning producer from South Africa and Drey Andersson based in Germany for a special treat of trap-infused reggae. Across the track, he tells as an all too familiar tale of the hiccups that come with the hustle and how he’s too focused on his goals to let that hold him back. He doesn’t even acknowledge the opps and detractors as he reminds us in the hook that “I don’t see nobody in ma way.”

However, Garey is quick to recognise that he can’t do it alone. Hard and smart work isn’t just enough and sometimes all you need is that grace. In the second verse, he references God’s powers and influence in his life and grind as he acknowledges “you my rock, my salvation your light is on me truly divine…”

If you’ve been listening to Garey for a while now, you’d have noticed that he fully lives up to the ‘fusionist’ title. He remains a genre-bending and defying artist who’s always seeking new ways to push the boundaries as far as his music is concerned. And gladly, ‘Ma Way’ is no exception.

This record comes highly recommended from us at the PGM Club. Enjoy above.


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