Garey Godson Continues His Impressive Run With ‘Situationship’

Garey Godson is so relentless. The rapper is now releasing his second single after his well-received sophomore album “Still I Rise” which dropped earlier this year. This new single titled ‘Situationship’ also comes barely a week after he teamed up with Show Dem Camp to celebrate African beauty on ‘Koko’.

‘Situationship’ is a mellow R&B tune that details Garey’s romance with his love interest which exists without the trappings of a ‘regular’ relationship. With his laid-back airy chords and vocals, he paints a vivid picture of a romance that’s meant to be but is just complicated. But they are taking everything as it comes, not letting the hurdles deny them the pleasure they find in each other.

The German-based Nigerian act has been one of those championing the globe-trotting Afro-fusion wave far across our borders. And with his new singles revolving around our everyday lives and situations, Garey might as well just be telling our stories in the way he knows best.

Enjoy the single above.


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