Funmi Arewa releases “Breathe.”

For her 2022 debut, Nigerian singer/songwriter Funmi Arewa has released “Breathe,” a soulful song where the artist sings about getting clarity from her muse about the status of their relationship. The singer who also doubles as a vocal coach, and voice-over artist also owns a music company and has been in the industry for 10 years. The artist has been gathering listeners through her covers of popular songs and the release of “Stay Alive” which was released last year. It looks like Funmi is ready to take the industry by storm this year as the artist started a series on YouTube tagged “Tales By Moonlight” where the artist has dropped songs like “Love Story,” “Koredele” and “Arewa For You.” In these songs, she sings about love, her music and the struggles that come with being a musician.

In “Breathe,” Funmi sings about the situationship she finds herself in. Here, she asks her love interest to define their relationship because she doesn’t want to be in a relationship that is only a figment of her imagination and so she asks “Wetin you want if you love me? wetin you want if you no need me?” She sings, “Tell me say you love me, tell me say you fit. Maybe I should have never let those words inside my heart oh the way you love me. Baby, make it real,” seeking a response from her lover. “Are you going to break my heart? I just really want to know,” in her quest to put a label on her relationship, Funmi moves deeper to ask about heartbreak, but sometimes heartbreak is inevitable so asking for confirmation doesn’t reduce the pain that accompanies heartbreak. Funmi’s emotion-laden voice carries the message of the song perfectly.

While speaking about the song Funmi had this to say, “I’m grateful for every pain, hurt, heartbreak, lessons and rejection I faced through my journey in life and with my music, cause those experiences made it possible for me to write amazing songs.” Hopefully, “Breathe” opens the door for more song releases from the artist. Listen to “Breathe” here and let us know your thoughts about the song.


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