Santi’s New Video Is Just That – Freaky

Santi is finally back on the scene with a new single and he’s down to get freaky, but only if we can keep it on the low-low. The song features additional vocals from Nonso Amadi and Bridge. With a combination like this, you can’t really go wrong.


Check out his new video that just dropped today.  We’re sure you’d love it!

The video, directed by Santi himself is a psychedelic twist on generic 90s Nollywood horror with a special homage to Helen Ukpabio; Santi’s favorite director. Santi dons the mien of a crooked exorcist while Nonso Amadi and Bridge are being haunted by a soul-devouring woman (naturally).

Speaking to The FADER via email, Santi said: “With ‘Freaky,’ our vision was to pay homage to the vintage Nollywood horror by telling the story of an evil girl and a Nigerian exorcist played by me. In those traditional films, the priests always show up at the end of the movie because it symbolizes the triumph of good over evil. However in Freaky, the exorcist has a creepy feel to him, this was inspired by the unpredictability of Korean movies where certain exorcists aren’t necessarily painted in a good image. It is a dark video that pays homage to its ancestors while telling the story of a girl who wants nothing but to destroy the souls of men.”

Santi definitely kept it real with this one;  To God Be The Glory.


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