Forevatired Rolls Its Carpet Into The Music Space With “THOSE KIDS NEXT DOOR”

It’s often said that there’s strength in numbers. And even though the global music industry is fast becoming more individualistic, there are a few collectives that are bent on proving the validity of that dictum. There was a time when boy bands were at the helm of the music space, but we seem to have outgrown them over time. With collectives like Apex Village, Section Boys, NSG, DRB Lasgidi and of course Forevatired, we have seen that acts could maintain their individual artistic pursuits and still join forces with comrades to pursue common goals.

However, one thing people are always wary of is the fact that collective projects and records often sound crowded and overbearing. But no one can say such for Forevatired’s latest project “THOSE KIDS NEXT DOOR” whose debut mixtape is an ambitious and spacious joyride of adventurous sonics.  Over 10 tracks, this swarming collective doesn’t run into each other or trying to go all out at once. And as you listen through, you can’t shake out the feeling that this is a carefully thought out and well-planned project, crowned with brilliant execution.

Across board, the sonically ambitious crew chops, screws, stir genres with rap as a unifying element. This LP is a quarantine-themed project with no boundaries, one of the few gifts we can hold on to in this lockdown season. Another beauty of the project is how the members of the crew play into each other’s strength.

According to Forevatired, “THOSE KIDS NEXT DOOR” plays as its formal introduction to the Nigerian and global music space. And one hell of an introduction it is. They are ready and sound ready.  With this tape, Forevatired and its members appear to have shed themselves of the mannerisms that betray emerging acts from a mile away.

The Nigerian rap/alternative collective formed in Abuja, Nigeria, in 2017 and currently based in Lagos. Led by Faith, the group was formed partially through real-life meets and online interaction. The group consists of vocalists; Etienne, Indigo, Rookie SBK, Pharoah and Rockimonsta, vocalists/producers Faith, Brum3h and Golddrummachine as well as graphic designer/creative director Sober Sham, vocalist/art director Runa, and artiste manager/A&R Pablo the Tree Hugger.

Enjoy the project above.

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