Fireboy Holds On To Fleeting Romance In ‘New York City Girl’

It’s officially time to start moving on from “Laughter, Tears & Goosebumps” as Fireboy has finally released his first single since the album dropped in November 2019, titled ‘New York City Girl’. He was supposed to premiere this single on Trace TV last weekend, but thankfully, it’s now available on all streaming platforms.

This single finds Fireboy holding on to a fleeting romance with a tourist; the girl from New York City. They have both taken an interest in each other in her stint here and have shared some beautiful times. But sadly, it’s time for her to leave.

This is a romance that was just supposed to be a fling. However, Fireboy seems to have caught the bug and wants it to last longer, even if it’s just one day more. Ideally, he’d want her to leave her man – waiting for her at the other side of the Atlantic – and elope with him. But he knows that might be reaching a bit too far, so he’d gladly settle for one more loving moment with her. One more dance.

Enjoy the single above.


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