Espacio Dios and Maglera Doe Boy Collaborate To Deliver “Pelo.”

Espacio Dios is one the rising stars from South Africa who is making waves in the music industry. Ever since he started his musical journey, Espacio has continued to improve his craft and stamp his presence in the industry. Following the acclaimed triple release of Deliverance, The Knowingand Tlhaleback in December 2021, Espacio Dios is back with a new single titled “Pelo,” a collaborative effort with the talented Maglera Doe Boy. 

While talking about his new single, Espacio had this to say, “I am so excited to be released this single; Pelo cleansed my soul and getting my brother, Maglera to feature on it brought a whole different vibe to it that I absolutely love sonically and lyrically.” 

In “Pelo,” Espacio sings about his desire to experience love. Espacio holds nothing back as he expresses his desires and puts his feelings on display for all to see. he sings, “What’s up? Can you pull up for me? Can you get me drugged up on your frequency?” making his love interest aware of his intentions. Maglera jumps in on the record and also wants some good loving. He praises his lover and compares her to God “But baby you next to God. Black woman is God.” 

“Pelo” has made one thing clear; Espacio Dios is an artist to watch out for. In this song, he floats elegantly between English and Zulu, and his vocals paint the story he tells. Listen to Pelo here and let us know your thoughts about the song.


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