EMK The Genie returns with “Summer with a genie.”

Earlier this year, Nigerian musician and producer EMK The Genie made a strong statement with his debut EP, “Before Midnight,” a stellar project that displayed his production skills, storytelling abilities and his voice. Now, the artist is back with a summer-inspired project tagged “Summer With A Genie,” to put us in our summer feelings. The two-track project contains songs like “Good loving” and “Link Up,” with features from Victor Collins and Ona Dema. 

In “Good Loving,” EMK and Ona sing about the desire to be near their lovers and get a little TLC while in their arms with lyrics like, “You know that you ain’t gonna be by yourself, I’m just a call away if you need some help.” “Good Loving” is that song you’d listen to at the beach while reminiscing about the good times you’ve spent with your lover.

EMK and Victor Collins hop on “Link Up,” where they make it clear to listeners that they always want to be with their lovers no matter the time. They sing, “Shey it’s not too late, you fit come to my place wanna see you undressed. Shey, it’s not too late to come to your place.” Both tracks are guaranteed to make you bop your head and give you summer vibes. Listen to “Summer With A Genie” here and enjoy.


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