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Efe Oraka

Efe Oraka Embraces Her Power in “No More.”

Efe Oraka, one of Abuja’s best exports scarcely needs to prove anything. With over four years in the Nigerian music industry, the singer/songwriter continues to deliver soothing melodies and expand her discography. After making her 2022 debut with the single “Damn Daniel,” Efe is back with a new single tagged “No More.” 

“No More” is a retelling of what most people experience in one-sided relationships. Just as expected, Efe Oraka rides seamlessly on the well-produced track. The lyrics show a strong woman who is ready to liberate herself from toxicity. The track starts with Efe’s sonorous voice and when the song transitions to the chorus, the drums take dominance and Efe glides effortlessly. In this song, Efe embraces her power, she shuts out her toxic lover and delivers an anthem for everyone who has been in situations like hers. She sings, “When you’re running helter-skelter you be knocking on my door, you’ll need shelter and I’ll never let you in no more.” 

Efe Oraka’s “No More,” shows how much the artist has grown and gives fans a glimpse of what to expect from her. Listen to “No More” here and enjoy.

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